6 Examples of Promising Business Venture in 2016

Starting a business or business is the best option at this time, because if you rely only work as employees will feel mediocre although the Regional Minimum Wage (UMR) every year rise. The increase in the minimum wage is still not comparable with our daily needs, which almost all basic necessities rise. Even in 2016 it continued to slump in the rupiah, which indirectly affect the price of goods on the market mainly imported products.

But if you now start the job, do not immediately stop away from work. Just start a business or a business that is a side which you can divide their time between work and leisure. It would be useful to start a side business that can be run at any time, easily and look for that produce. Well, when the business started to potential, you can quit the job and focus on developing your business. Here the authors divide the 10 examples of promising efforts in 2016 that you can try, see good and try to read it thoroughly.

1. Business Field Property
This one business potential throughout the year, not just in 2016 alone, in the previous year or even in the next year will always be potentially even business areas of the property to be a very promising investment. This in because every year its value continues to rise. Business property sector, is also very many examples, such as land, buildings, boarding houses, rented house, shop and much more.

But as we all know, the business property sector, is almost all of them require a large capital. But if you are really interested, you can buy cheap land, but the future could be sold at a high price. For example, near the soil in 10 years will be built campus, then nilanya 10 years from now will skyrocket, you can even start a business a lot of effort there as boarding houses for example.

2. Online Business
This one business most run by teenagers and young adults, especially adam. Actually, online businesses can be run by anyone, because it is basically an online business regardless of age and gender. Educational background is not important in online business, whether it’s been to school and can not run a business on this one. There are many types of online businesses that can be run, one that is very popular is blogging activities, which from this blog we can earn money from the ads that appear on our blog.

Besides buying and selling goods today can be done online, so the market share of the wider ranging from Sabang to Merauke. For those of you who currently trade does not hurt to try to market products online, which supports the goods sold on the Internet very much, such as electronic goods, household furniture, dried food, accessories, clothing, shoes and much more. So try it now online business, who knows your success from here.

3. Agricultural Sector Enterprises
Efforts in the field of agriculture is also potentially in 2016, we can see for themselves if the prices of agricultural products such as vegetables and fruits has skyrocketed in 2015 and in 2016 it cost the climb. Seeing the promising potential, starting a farming business is the right choice. We live in a country that has the most fertile soil in the world, all kinds of vegetables, and fruit crops can be developed in our country.

Some types of plants are quite familiar in Indonesia are rice, tea, coffee, corn all of which are in need of society. If you do not own the land it could buy little by little or lease the land to someone else. Bottom line if you are interested in the business fields of agriculture, you have much to learn about the plants you want to plant.

4. Aquaculture Sector Enterprises
Cultivation is cultivating a tanamann activities or animals which aims to generate income, which is usually cultivated plant or animal is a quick harvest. For example oyster mushroom cultivation, cultivation of freshwater fish, eel and many more. If you are really interested then get to try it, we also reviewed the reference oyster mushroom cultivation, you can read on Oyster Mushroom Cultivation Business Opportunities, Home Business Promise

5. Sector Enterprises
It feels incomplete if it does not discuss business in the field of animal husbandry. For rural communities, have farm animals is natural, has minimal chicken which although not on sale can feed itself, especially when entering the fasting month and Eid feast. In the field of livestock is so much we can livestock, such as cows for example. Demand for beef in our country continue to rise even government to import cattle from abroad. It was in because the beef stock in the country is still lacking. Well, of course you can raise cattle for beef is in need, the more you raise cattle then our country does not need to import from other countries, the price of beef can be on tap as low as possible. Besides cows course there are many other animals that you can farm, ranging from buffalo, horses, sheep, goats and others.

6. Services Sector Enterprises
Starting a service business is very suitable in the run for us who have the expertise, effort one is also suitable for those who have barely enough capital. Because in the business services sector, capital is not the most important, but kehalian and services are most important. For example, only this time many businesses in the services sector, such as barber (salon), services sewing clothes, interior design services, services advertised, the service fees and much more. Please find yourself where would the business service sector that fits you. For pontensinya same problem with other businesses, which is a promising and profitable in year 20

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