a Early History of Microsoft Office

For the people of today who are familiar with computers, the name “Microsoft Office” is no longer something foreign for almost every day of the software we use. Early History of Microsoft Office beginning of the creation of Microsoft Office 1.0 on 19 November 1990 and continues to grow until the creation of a prototype of Office 16, which may be named Office 2015 and plans to release in the spring of 2014.

Beginning of Microsoft
If we talk about “Microsoft,” situs judi bola online can not be separated from the figure that lies behind that Hery William Gates III, better known by the name of Bill Gates. Bill Gates was born in Seattle, Washington area, October 28, 1955. His father, William H. Gates, Sr. worked as a lawyer and his mother, Mary Maxwell Gates worked as a board director at the First Interstate BancSystem and the United Way.

Early History of Microsoft Office And Progress

Which is the opening step history of Microsoft Office is currently stepping Gates eighth grade, where the Mothers Club at the school to buy a Teletype Model 33 ASR terminal and a block of computer time on a computer from Genral Electric for school students. It then becomes the initial interest in programming the GE system Gates is using BASIC and he allowed no math classes in order to pursue his hobby. After the donation of the mothers club ends, try another system including the minicomputer DEC PDP, where one of the PDP-10 are owned by Corporate Computer Center (CCC), which eventually prohibit Gates, Paul Allen, Ric Weiland, and Kent Evans used it again after they were caught wet exploiting a bug in the operating system.

In January 1975, Gates initiate contact with Micro Instrumentation and Telemetry Systems (MITS), which creates a microcomputer and said that he was working on a BASIC interpreter for the platform. Although lying, Altair emulator that can run on a mini computer can be completed, and completed well basicnya interpreter. The second demonstration took place in Albuquerque interpreter and a great success, making MITS recruit Gates and Paul Allen. The name they chose for these partnerships is the “Micro-soft” and on November 26, 1976, Microsoft officially registered name.

After deciding partnerships with MITS, in July 1980 IBM approached Microsoft with a sample of personal computers will they release called the IBM PC. Initially, IBM asked Microsoft to make the BASIC interpreter. When the messenger IBM said they needed an operating system, Gates recommends to use CP / M created by Digital Research (DRI) but communication goes a lot. A few weeks later, Gates again suggested them to use 86-DOS made by Seattle Computer Products (SCP). On November 20, 1985, Microsoft has finally released the first retail version of Microsoft Windows and in August 1986 in collaboration with IBM to create a new operating system called OS / 2, which though completed to make their partnership a bit disturbed.

History of Microsoft Office and Version-The version
History of Microsoft Office as well as new development formally began on 19 November 1990 in which the Office for Windows (which is also commonly referred to as MS Office 1.0) was released for use in conjunction with Windows 2.0. This first version of Office containing Word 1.1, Excel 2.0, and PowerPoint 2.0. Prior to the Office 1.0, the contents of the Office package is sold separately for MS-DOS, and only keyboard input devices mainly because at that time, the mouse is something that is not shared by everyone. March 4, 1991 marks the release of Microsoft Office 1.5 which in this package they upgrade into Excel Excel 3.0. This new version of Excel that they claim is much better than Excel 2.0 because they are listening to user requests and integrate with Excel idea ever. In a new Excel also added a toolbar which enable user to do everything with one click. A few months after its release, Microsoft Office 1.6 was released with the addition of software named Mail 2.1.

The new version of Microsoft Office does not come out until August 30, 1992, at which time they gave it the name Microsoft Office 3.0, released in the CD-ROM version 2.0c and includes Word, Excel 4.0a, PowerPoint 3.0, and Mail. Later, it was renamed version of Microsoft Office ’92.

2 years passed without a new version is released, and in June 1994 finally appears Microsoft Office 4.0 which included a Word 6.0, Excel 4.0, and PowerPoint 3.0. In the same year, precisely on June 2, Microsoft Office 4.3 was released and became a 16-bit version of the latter. 4.3 includes the Microsoft Word 6.0, Excel 5.0, PowerPoint 4.0, Mail 3.2, and which exist only in the Pro version, Access 2.0. On July 3, 1994, a new version is released and named Office for

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