First time in 37 years, Snow Down in the Sahara Desert

A rare sight seen in the Sahara Desert in December. Snow fell in the widest desert for the first time in 37 years.

An amateur photographer, Karim Bouchetata, to capture the moment of a small town in the Sahara, Ain Sefra, Algeria, on Monday (12/19/2016) ago.

Karim photographing desert landscapes became situs taruhan bola dramatic when the snow falls in the Sahara reddish.

“Everyone was amazed at the snow falling in the desert. The snow lasted for one day, then melted,” Karim said as quoted by the Daily Mail, Tuesday (12/20/2016).

This is the second time it snowed in the Sahara. Previously noted, the snow never fell in the Sahara Desert on February 18, 1979. At that time, a blizzard occurs more or less for about one hour.

NASA satellites capture imagery of the snow in the Sahara.

NASA Earth Observatory revealed, the Enhanced Thematic Mapper Plus on the Landsat 7 satellite has captured images of snow fell in the Sahara.

Conditions when snow covered areas in North Africa seen on December 19, 2016 and then, especially in the area near the border of Morocco and Algeria, south of the city Bouarfa and southwest of Ain Sefra.

Sahara Desert covers most of Northern Africa. Sahara has been through a shift in temperature and humidity for several hundred years.

In this region, summer temperatures usually range from 37 degrees celsius.

Rainfall is very little to make this area rarely feel the cold temperatures in the winter.

Although today the Sahara Desert is very dry, experts perpendapat this desert 15,000 years back green again.

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