Improve your hockey skating technique

Any young aspiring hockey player has to learn the basic principle of playing hockey, consequently, skating. In fact, learning how to skate proficiently increases skills of any young hockey player.

To develop a young hockey player’s skating technique, you need to teach them how to bend their knees preferably at 90 degrees angle when skating. The act of bending the knees enhances a youngster’s center of gravity balance. This in turn, allows the player to gain more power when making strides. The emphasis is to get as low as possible while bending the knees and not the waist.
Improve your hockey skating technique

Another technique can be acquired by teaching them how to gain more power as possible. When a youngster makes a stride, it is imperative they extend their legs. This technique allows for acquisition of maximum power. This posture ensures a proper return of the stretched leg back under the body to allow for effortless transition of other strides. It is paramount is to ensure that when skating, always put enough body weight on each stride. As a result, there is momentum and increase of velocity.

Young hockey players do not know that placing the edges of their skates at a 45-degree angle can improves their skating abilities. Maintain the specified angle while exerting the weight on each stride.

Young hockey players in the United States love speed. Building momentum is advantageous given that maximum speed is of the essence. Consider swinging one of the arms while the other one holds the stick. Young Hockey players should embrace the concept of swinging the arm both forward and backward when skating. The concept allows them to skate with speed and power.

Your skating technique, will improve considerably if you always maintain an upright posture by keeping the head up when skating.