Planet Venus and asteroid So NASA Focus This Year

After a busy observing Saturn and Mars throughout 2016, NASA’s next space mission to uncover this year. United States space agency was to summarize, there are at least two main missions to be carried until the end of this year.

As quoted from page Mirror on Saturday (01/07/2017), the two main mission is none other than Venus advanced research and asteroids. They will describe the details of this mission through the mat Discovery Program Mission which will be held in the near future.

In the past year, NASA has several missions before finally sorting and selecting it became an annual primary mission. Each mission is planned to be funded by $ 3 million (about USD 40 billion); scientists must design the kind of research and analysis related to the mission to be performed.

After being selected, the main mission that has been set will receive funding of US $ 500 million (approximately USD 6.6 trillion). The funding covers operational costs such as the preparation of the launch of the spacecraft.

“The mission that we choose has an important role and the potential to reveal more about the formation of our Solar System and how the process is so dynamic,” said John Grunsfeld, astronaut and associate administrator for NASA’s Science Mission Directorate.

“We expect the new mission of Venus and the asteroid in 2017 promises something amazing. Hopefully, this mission can uncover the mysteries of our solar system and can inspire future generations situs taruhan bola ,” said he continued.

The mission is a series of annual NASA Discovery Mission Program was first coined in 1992 ago. The mission was initiated by NASA’s Planetary Science Division. The goal is to reproduce the mission is ‘minor’ to explore parts of the space untouched since the main focus so far only NASA Pluto and Mars.

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