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Features of hockey compression underwear

Hockey compression underwear is a special type of underwear designed for hockey players and athletes engaged in similar activities. Here are the main features of hockey compression underwear:

  1. Compression: The main feature of such underwear is the compression effect. It fits tightly to the body and exerts pressure on the muscles, which helps to improve blood circulation, reduce muscle vibration and speed up recovery after training and competition.
  2. Comfort and support: Hockey compression underwear provides reliable support for muscles, joints and dry skin. It prevents chafing and chafing, which is especially important during active movements on the ice.
  3. Ventilation and moisture wicking: Most hockey compression shirts and shorts feature ventilation and moisture wicking technology to help wick sweat away from the skin and cool the body during play.
  4. Protection: Some compression underwear may have built-in inserts to protect against impact and abrasion. These can be designed to protect specific vulnerable areas such as the thighs or buttocks.
  5. Flat seams: To prevent skin irritation, hockey compression underwear usually has flat seams or seams positioned so that they do not rub against the skin.
  6. Multiple layers: Compression underwear can be made in multiple layers to provide extra insulation and protection in cold conditions.
  7. Anatomical design: It often has an anatomical design that takes into account the body structure and ensures maximum fit to the skin.
  8. Durability: Hockey compression underwear is usually made of high quality materials that can withstand heavy use and retain their properties after many washes.

However, the choice of hockey compression underwear can depend on individual preferences and needs. It is best to try on several types and choose the one that best suits your requirements and comfort during the game.