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Tennis betting at William Hill Italia

William Hill Italia customers love tennis. The sport is commonly played almost every day, and coverage can reach into the hundreds. In live betting, the number of possible outcomes can be calculated in a couple of minutes.
Betting to Win

William Hill UK provides its customers with a wide range of betting options during a tennis tournament. One of these is betting on the winner of the event. In parallel, you also bet on players reaching the semi-finals and finals. It is important to note that these bets should only be placed after the draw and the tournament grid have been completed.
Betting on the outcome of a match

Most people who bet on tennis matches are also interested in the outcome. Unlike other sports, where there are multiple possible outcomes, draws are not allowed in tennis. This makes it easier for the average person to predict the outcome.

Before investing in a tennis bet, it is important to analyze the current form of the player. Usually, a player who is recovering from an injury or a bad start to his career can fall behind a talented player.

Analyzing a player’s motivation is also important to determine if he is able to repeat his success from the previous season. This will allow him to maintain his ranking points.

Another important aspect that is considered is the history of head-to-head encounters between players. For example, out of the 21 meetings between Maria Sharapova and Serena Williams, only two have been won by the Russian.

The surface of the court used for the match is also an important factor that influences the outcome of a tennis match. According to statistics, the Spanish are known for their performance on slow clay courts, while the Americans and the British prefer fast grass and hard courts.

Set Betting

Similar to other sports, set betting in tennis is similar to other types of bets such as the number of goals in a soccer match. There are only four possible outcomes in this type of bet.

Most of the time, the favored player does not want to prolong the match and wins in two sets. Instead, bookmakers predict that the match will end with a straight set win. In other cases, the match between two or more equal players drags on for three sets.
Betting on handicaps

Handicapping is also a type of bet commonly used by professional players to improve their odds. For example, if a handicapper believes that the favored player will not be able to beat the Italian player, he or she may bet on the outcome with a handicap. This bet is considered a loser if the match ends up in favor of the underdog.
Betting on the total over/under

Another popular proposition is to bet on the total number of games the match will end with. This bet is usually placed on the number of sets and games the match will have. It is important to note that the odds on totals are higher than the odds on a win.